Palestinians collect belongings in damaged building following an Israeli air strikeAs Israel escalates its military campaign against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, an already besieged population is rapidly running out of resources. There are shortages of electricity, drinking water and medicine. Furthermore, for the thousands of Palestinian children whose homes were destroyed by Israeli airstrikes, they no longer have any clothing, books and toys.

Several international convoys are working to secure the permissions necessary to cross into Gaza carrying humanitarian aid. This will make it possible for us to send much needed relief to the children of Gaza.

Please help us. You can make a tax free donation in the US to the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund. 100 per cent of all donations will go directly to buying much needed clothing, books and toys to be delivered directly to Palestinian children.

Please send tax-exempt donations to:

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Protest 07Since the US-sponsored peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel recommenced last summer, Israeli forces have:authorised the approval of several thousand illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories; launched the construction of twice as many illegal housing units as in the previous year;forcibly dispersed a peaceful protest camp in the Jordan Valley; violently suppressed the nonviolent demonstrations that happen weekly throughout the occupied West Bank; demolished hundreds of Palestinian homes and structures, withdemolitions now at an all time high, leaving entire families homeless and exposed to the cold;arrested hundreds of Palestinian children and thousands of adults to be held without charge or tried in Israeli military courts; and killed dozens of Palestinians in raids in the West Bank and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, which also injured several thousand.

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MEMO published an article recently by Egyptian scholar and diplomat Abdullah Al-Ashaal about what he calls the disastrous “bartering policy” framework of the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. In theory, the way this framework is supposed to work is that both parties have their sets of demands and both are expected to make certain concessions.

However, Al-Ashaal makes the important argument that, during these negotiations, “established Arab rights are being bartered, such as security in exchange for freedom, even though the people need both.” After all, human rights are inalienable, so how can they be bartered?

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Chic Art And Resistance

Although Palestinians have lived under Israeli occupation and apartheid for over six decades, Western narratives usually paint them as hateful and violent, as if they were born with hatred rather than shaped by a life of displacement, discrimination, military rule, poverty and oppression.

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Jameel Prize

In the updated version of his book Covering Islam, originally published in 1981, renowned Palestinian writer and intellectual Edward Said voiced concern that “the mere use of the label ‘Islam,’ either to explain or to indiscriminately condemn ‘Islam,’ actually ends up becoming a form of attack, which in turn provokes more hostility between self-appointed Muslim and Western spokespersons.” Said added that what is known in the West as “‘Islam’ defines a relatively small proportion of what actually takes place in the Islamic world.”

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