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In today’s The Wall Street Journal there is an interesting article with the deceptive lead “Iran Vows to Unplug Internet“. The article is about the Islamic Republic’s push to create a national internet to make it easier for the state to regulate content and ostensibly also more affordable for users. So not about unplugging the internet at all. But never mind, […]

Last weekend Photo Forum Beirut held a panel event called “Special Revolutions” to discuss photographers documenting the uprisings throughout the Middle East. Photojournalists repeatedly put their lives at risk in covering such events, especially in places like Libya where two respected photographers were tragically killed. The panel allowed selected photographers to show their work on the […]

Yesterday at least 50,000 Palestinian refugees gathered for a demonstration in Maroun al-Ras, a small hilly village in southern Lebanon that overlooks the border with Israel, to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, that forced Palestinians to flee their lands in 1948. Usually Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are not able to cross […]

Bahrainis have continued to demonstrate ever since 14 February despite the regime’s frequent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators with security forces often recruited from Pakistan, Jordan and Yemen. Since 1793 Bahrain has been ruled by the same Sunni minority Khalifah family even though the country has an overwhelmingly Shi’i population today. Over the last three decades the […]