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Earlier this month, Oxfam published 20 facts about Oslo that painfully illustrate why the “peace talks” between Israel and Palestine have abysmally failed. In the past ten years alone, the number of illegal Israeli settlers has doubled while Israel has constructed a 708 km separation wall around the West Bank and demolished around 15,000 Palestinian […]

Many Western activists are sceptical of the role of religion in Palestine solidarity. Beyond the problem of Islamophobia, which is sadly manifest across the political spectrum, activist views of religion are also negatively shaped by the legacy of Christian Europe’s darker periods, such as the Crusades and the colonial civilizing mission. After 11 September 2001, […]

Like many US presidents passed, President Obama is determined to violently attack others in the name of morality and the common good. He and other American exceptionalists tell us that the US has a moral obligation to enter into the Syrian conflict, even though any such military intervention goes against international law and popular will. […]