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MEMO published an article recently by Egyptian scholar and diplomat Abdullah Al-Ashaal about what he calls the disastrous “bartering policy” framework of the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. In theory, the way this framework is supposed to work is that both parties have their sets of demands and both are expected to make certain […]

It has now been five years since the sentencing of the Holy Land Five: Muslim-American humanitarians who were falsely convicted of providing “material support for terrorism” because of their charitable work in Palestine. To mark the occasion, the daughters of the Holy Land Five have produced a powerful video message featuring the families of those imprisoned, […]

It is widely known that Israel and its allies spend millions of dollars to promote Zionism on college and university campuses across the US. Zionist organisations fund student groups like Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organisation in the world, as well as sponsor American Jewish students to travel or study abroad in Israel through programmes […]

The New York Times recently published an editorial by Yuval Steinitz, an Israeli politician and Knesset member for the Likud party, under the headline “How Palestinian hate prevents peace”. It is not necessary to elaborate on the argument that Steinitz presents in this article, as the title speaks for itself. Zionists have often repeated this strange […]

Many Western activists are sceptical of the role of religion in Palestine solidarity. Beyond the problem of Islamophobia, which is sadly manifest across the political spectrum, activist views of religion are also negatively shaped by the legacy of Christian Europe’s darker periods, such as the Crusades and the colonial civilizing mission. After 11 September 2001, […]