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Although Palestinians have lived under Israeli occupation and apartheid for over six decades, Western narratives usually paint them as hateful and violent, as if they were born with hatred rather than shaped by a life of displacement, discrimination, military rule, poverty and oppression. Advertisements

In the updated version of his book Covering Islam, originally published in 1981, renowned Palestinian writer and intellectual Edward Said voiced concern that “the mere use of the label ‘Islam,’ either to explain or to indiscriminately condemn ‘Islam,’ actually ends up becoming a form of attack, which in turn provokes more hostility between self-appointed Muslim […]

This week The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article by David Nirenberg, Professor of History and Social Thought at the University of Chicago, on “Anti-Judaism as a Critical Theory” that raises some important issues. For example, he reminds us that the history of ideas matters. Indeed we cannot deny that our historical ideas about capitalism, class, colonialism, imperialism, Orientalism, nationalism, […]

Book review of Alastair Crooke’s Resistance: the Essence of the Islamist Revolution (London: Pluto Press, 2009). Crooke (2009) brilliantly argues that contemporary Western studies of “Islamism” continue the Orientalist project and misrepresent its critical potential vis a vis liberalism. Therefore such studies ultimately say more about Western societies than they do about Islamism because they fail to […]